Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Taking time to see

Well now. Here I am.

A few months ago I was lucky enough to be introduced to the lovely Fiona Robyn and her equally lovely fiance Kaspa who have set up A River of Stones, a project to encourage people to take more notice of the life they are living and to write a few words to capture moments of paying proper attention - or small stones. The idea is that every day in January participants write a small stone, with the intention of living more in the moment, becoming more aware and paying proper attention. Taking time to really see something instead of just giving a cursory glance then rushing on ...

I'm not really a writer, I have lofty aspirations that one day I might be, but for the time being I'm happy just to read, and jot down the occasional small stone or idea, keeping them safe for some future time where mental space is more readily available. When I decided to take part in A River of Stones I felt that it was going to be a challenge, that I might struggle to remember to take that moment every day to really observe. But it seems that the challenge was just in the deciding, as it's already happening, I have found myself paying more attention, and words just present themselves to capture a moment.

So, here's my first humble offering...

the sky today has density, weight... pregnant with the promise of snow

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